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RMA stands for Russian Martial Art. Systema or in English `The System` is one of the most unique martial art that uses our daily life experiences and readjust movements to be effective in hand to hand combat with the spice of mind triggering to be able to perform your best even in life threatening situation which might occur.

- Our way of RMA Systema
- Systema Talanov
- Systema Flow & Breathing
- Private and Corporate Tuition
- Self-Awareness /Be Your Own Bodyguard workshop
- Anti-stress workshop
- Movements (kinetic-chain)

Our way of RMA Systema

We are exploring RMA Systema with Awareness and Consciousness.

1. Fluidity of movement, correct breathing, being relaxed in a stressful confrontation is the foundation of survival. (self-awareness)

2. We train ourself to be prepared and able to overcome attacks from any direction against any size or weapon without freezing from fear (self-defence)

3. Students learn to overcome bad habits and posture within a full body meta logic workout (body structure)

4. Classes re balance the mind and body with a secret system for self control in respect to fellow practitioners and life itself (well-being)


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Classes in Camden and Islington

- RMA Systema Core and Advance
- Systema Flow & Breathing
- Systema Tactical (Body, Mind, Spirit)
- BYOB - Be Your Own Bodyguard workshop

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Systema Talanov

Systema is a universal type of martial arts which includes different areas of training: self-defense, personal safety, psychological preparation for combat and emergency situations. ............

Systema is based on breathing and movement. Breathing is a very powerful tool that helps us with intensive training, during recovery and with the control of our psychological state under different circumstances.
Power, speed, reaction time have their limits, especially with age. Movement on the other hand has no limits. That is why Systema finds it crucial to use the right move depending on the task at hand.


more info www.systema-talanov.com

Systema Flow & Breathing

Flexibility, fluidity and daily life stress management class though on movement and breathing.

This class built on the exercises and experiments of the workshops with Ben Walsh (once a month Thursday, 19th Oct, 16th Nov, 14th Dec).

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Private Tuition

Save time to learn Systema.
We offer private or corporate group classes at our studios or your office.
You can book a one to one or small group lesson up to 4 students.

Our private tuition is Intensive experience to whom wish rapidly:

  • improve skills
  • expand existing knowledge
  • going straight to targets

We cover throughout London.
The costs must be arranged according to the time and place of the lesson.

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Self-Awareness & Consciousness, BYOB

We help to develop your self-awareness and survival skills that we call Be Your Own Bodyguard (BYOB).

- Setting up the right mind state for verbal and/or physical confrontation
- Neutralising attacks using the natural Flinching mechanism
and  ..... much more


We offer private sessions for women where they obtain vital skills to escape/ survive in dangerous situations.

  • Don't Be A Victim.
  • Be Safe. Be Prepared.
  • Awareness and Self-defense Training

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" I feel so much more confident and powerful, Thank you" - Jane W.

"  ... my reaction time has shortened, thanks to that I were able to avoid my mobile being nicked recently" - Emily Smith


women self-defence

Anti-stress program & health practice

Rma Systema emphasis the importance of fitness and well-being, as only the good harmony of body, mind and soul lead to high performance in everyday life. Regular bases we use these special exercises in our classes and organising separated events which based on our Systema Talanov studies.


"Systema Talanov pays a great attention to the wellness practices. Breathing is the base on which we strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems. A proper breathing eliminates fears as well as body and psychological tensions.

In the course of live we gain various body tensions which accumulate in all structures of our bodies. The body tensions are results of excessive physical exercises, sedentary lifestyles and psycho-emotional stresses."


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mobile: 07769179646   email: info@rmasystema.co.uk                               8.Greenland St, London NW1 0ND,  Wednesdays 7.00-7.45 & 7.45-9.00pm