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November 21, 2017
I Toth

The Ground Game: BJJ & Systema

The Ground Game: BJJ & Systema We all wounder how effective is Systema on the ground. This seminar will highlight a small segment of both art Systema & BJJ aka. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. An example of convergent evolution, both Systema and Jiu Jitsu have developed extensive training methods for ground fighting, emphasizing movement, control, restraint and

November 16, 2017
I Toth

Paladin Press is closing after 47 years of serving R.I.P.

News Headline: Paladin Press is closing after 47 years As noted on the company’s website, Paladin is closing after 47 years following the death earlier this year of their co-founder and publisher, Peder Lund, and is selling off remaining inventory at greatly reduced prices. Over the decades, Paladin has marketed 800 how-to books and videos on

October 3, 2017
I Toth

Class booking

September 11, 2017
I Toth

Training Plan, 4+1 days

(part3 of 3)  Here you will find the actual 4+1 days training plan break down. part1 : Fix What Needs Fixing part2 : Training Concepts and Ground Rules   Training Plan 4 + 1 day (optional) Anthony Joshua, world heavyweight champion, IBF title HE could be a great example to follow your daily training plan ”

August 24, 2017
I Toth

Training Concepts and Ground Rules

(part2 of 3) part1: Fix What Needs Fixing   Training Concepts and Ground Rules Arnold is one of the best who understood the importance of training concepts. “Each day in this program, you will utilize an array of training variables that will challenge you in ways you may not have experienced before.   Power: High



Instructors and study groups below that I recommend to visit and study from. They are current and following the same methodology.

Systema Talanov, Russia, Moscow HQ, Valentin Talanov 

Systema France, France, Paris, Jerome Kadian

Vital Systema, France, Lavaur, Xavier Vollin


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