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May 15, 2017

Against Stick/baseball bat

Working or defending ourself against stick or baseball bat aren`t easy. At the bottom I wish to summaries some good points. It`s a quick search, list how different disciplines make their works against these objects. Systema systema working with inner fear systema Talanov

May 3, 2017

Budapest Systema

My story at Budapest Systema ! Home sweet home ūüôā   Few weeks ago finally I had chance to meet with the Budapest Systema School trainers. I wished to make a visit to this school since my friend Anthony Lucas – the founder, back in 2013 – changed his journey and moved back to NYC.

April 3, 2017

Awareness, Self-defence principles

(VIDEO) Awareness is one of the key principles in self-defence. We all have our inner chatter. This inner dialogue continues while working, studying, reading, watching TV, talking, walking and eating. Sometimes our inner thoughts talking to us when something feels not right. We should listen that. Our subconscious and continuous mind can line up in a dangerous

March 15, 2017

Tunner vision and body angling

(VIDEO) I have find the following video interesting to share that `London Wing Chun Academy` posted and analysed. Great sum up¬†and true about decreased vision¬†and angling body. Do you agree? Give your thoughts below!   Sucker Punch Analysis: 3 Critical Facts You MUST Know!!! [Figh… This week we discuss the interaction between (1) Tunnel Vision

March 5, 2017

Never discredit gut instinct

Never discredit gut instinct! I was teaching some stuff in the last few weeks for my guys about body survival mode before conscious mind takes the control over. Today I found this quote and need to share it. We all keep forgetting how and why important to listen our instincts.   -by Simple Reminders



Instructors and study groups below that I recommend to visit and study from. They are current and following the same methodology.

Systema Talanov, Russia, Moscow HQ, Valentin Talanov 

Systema France, France, Paris, Jerome Kadian

Vital Systema, France, Lavaur, Xavier Vollin


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