Anti-stress program

and health practices

Our Anti-stress program pay a great attention to the wellness practices. Breathing is the base on which we strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems. A proper breathing eliminates fears as well as body and psychological tensions.

In the course of live we gain various body tensions which accumulate in all structures of our bodies. The body tensions are results of excessive physical exercises, sedentary lifestyles and psycho-emotional stresses.

The way of life of a modern city dweller is the following: during the daytime we are loaded with work and sedentary life in the office experiencing a great amount of stress. In the evening we do a physical work out to remove daily acquired stress. But physical exercises without relaxation and recovery give more tensions to our bodies. We substitute one tension with another one.

The state of our body affects our mind and vice versa, emotional stress can influence our bodies. This translates into pain in the body, limitation in a range of motion and in the internal discomfort - changing all the rhythms of the body, cardiac, respiratory rhythms. Neck and shoulders suffer from a sedentary lifestyle usual for many modern people. The neck and shoulder pain amplifies by physical exercise. Nowadays a pain in the neck is often a problem of educated young people, office workers.

The accumulated tension can be removed. In the process of getting rid of tension in your body you will get more degrees of freedom in the body. In turn, your mind will become more stable and less susceptible to external irritants.


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