Seminars & Workshops

We make big efforts to provide all the important information you need to attend to any of our Seminars and Workshops. However, if you have any further question you`re always welcome to give us a  Call

Seminars & Workshops in the following order

- RMA Systema related seminars

- Our friends and Systema Talanov methodology  seminars

- Other teachers in and out Systema seminars

Why would you attend to seminars and workshops?

To get deeper knowledge and wider view of  the subject of Systema and Martial Arts.

To Master different approaches with different partners you used to in your class.

To focus on particular subjects  in hand to hand fight, knife work, pre-emptive work etc..  (depending on seminar covers).


In our regular classes we are developing further these principles from basic to the more advance.

RMA Systema related seminars


Systema Fundamentals Seminar

We are pleased to announce our Systema Fundamentals seminar with Dr. Sam Benson and Istvan Toth.

This mini seminar will cover

-aspects of Breathing, and Fear control

-Basic Strikes and Kicks

- working on the Floor

- static, slow dynamics and dynamics works

Any of the above could be alone a whole weekend seminar subject. We will try to give you a small essence of the importance of these practices. Come along listen, practice, absorb and ask questions!


Our friends and Systema Talanov methodology related seminars


Systema Vital Seminar

We are pleased to announce our partner club Systema Vital seminar.

Topics Stress Management. Further details on their website.


mobile: 07769179646   email:                               8.Greenland St, London NW1 0ND,  Wednesdays 6.45-7.30 & 7.30-9.00pm