Learn Systema to improve your:
- Self-defence skills
- Body efficiency
- Strength of Mind
- Health

Anti-Stress program

Health practices & Self-Awareness

Courses, Classes

- Beginner Systema Course
- Women Self-defence


Training in London


6.45 - 7.30pm    Systema Core (basic)

7.30 - 9.00pm    Advanced class

8 Greenland Street, London NW1 0ND

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Private Tuition

The best way to improve your skill level faster.

Private Training in London and Gillingham

Courses / Workshops

Soon more information about Beginners course and other workshops.


Do you want to organize a workshop in your area?

mobile: 07769179646   email:                               8.Greenland St, London NW1 0ND,  Wednesdays 6.45-7.30 & 7.30-9.00pm